Doing Something.

A crisis management advertising campaign for Nike, Inc.

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional report created in an academic setting. None of the following material represents Nike, Inc. or any associated brand. All branding elements are property of Nike, Inc. Any recommended portrayal of Nike, Inc. is my team's own and not that of Nike, Inc.
Are we Doing Something?
Addressing Nike's Current Crisis (March 2021)
The “Satan Shoes” and other Nike controversies have hindered the perception of their brand. For these reasons, we propose getting ahead of future controversies and being transparent on current social and political issues and in how products are made and produced. We believe the Doing something. campaign along with the preceding For you. By us. campaign will prove itself beneficial to both current and future controversies. Consumers need to be reminded who the leading authentic athletic product in the market is: Nike, our client. No company is perfect, but our client should be “Doing something."
The above are sample mockups.
Unfortunately this was simply a fictional campaign for our fictional client, Nike, but with a real world scenario. This was created for a final project at The University of Alabama in a strategic thinking course.
Designs created by Ashton Jah. All logos and branding are property of Nike, Inc. "Doing Something" is a fictional mark created by Ashton Jah and team. Nothing presented on this page is representative of Nike nor its brand. Do not reuse.

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