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"Home Search Huntsville" is a newly established real-estate agency in the Huntsville, Alabama area that strives to assist members in the community to both buy and sell property.

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I was tasked with designing a new logo and brand identity for the client Home Search Huntsville, a newly established real-estate firm in Huntsville, Alabama.​​​​​​​
Design a logo for the brand “Home Search Huntsville,” a newly established real estate business in the Huntsville, AL area seeking to help adults between the ages of 22 and 50 buy and sell property. The purpose of this logo is to accentuate the good customer service and hard work of the brand.
After researching different existing agencies in the surrounding Huntsville area (and greater), I developed concepts that highlighted the strengths of the agency: customer service, hard work, professionalism, and diversity.
After reviewing different concepts, myself along with the client sided with the "hsh" concept with a roof above the letters. Minor revisions were made before the final execution was developed.
This mark could be used with or without “Home Search Huntsville” and works as a single color, an outline, and at multiple sizes. A roof is added to the top to help convey the purpose of the brand and dimensions have been added to the first “h.” Since the brand identity and perception has not entirely been established yet, using a lettermark without the full brand name could pose challenges with consumers not recognizing what “HSH” stands for early on, however, the mark presents numerous aspects that the brand and client wish to convey.
After weeks of researching, brainstorming, revising and editing, we settled on the final design as seen on this page.
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