This is me: Ashton Jah. A friend took this picture of me one night while we were behind B.B. Comer Hall in Tuscaloosa.

I guess this is the official introduction. You've probably seen my face flashing around this screen (and are looking at a very uncharacteristic photo of myself somewhere around this textbox), so if you haven't gotten to know my face yet, you're about to.
My name is Ashton Jah, I am from Huntsville, Alabama and I am an aspiring creative at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL majoring in both Advertising and Music (a unique combination, I am aware).
My lifelong passions have always been in design and music. All my life I have been creating new things: Writing books, designing t-shirts, owning and managing a fairly popular brand on social media, writing very bad music, among other things. I started playing Saxophone almost ten years ago, so I have learned how to be creative. I have to constantly be thinking creatively: I have to make interpretative decisions, multi-task like ‘it’s nobody’s business,’ and look pretty while doing it. Being a musician is not easy, and I think it has shown me a way to think creatively in design as well.
Here's to creativity. Let's get creative.
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